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The photo shows two senior couples. Two of them are wearing rucksacks. They are resting from their walk. They are sitting on the side of a path and enjoying the view into the landscape.

BodyTalk Access Training for
more joy of life in senior years

Happiness lies in old age. So states the University of Freiburg's Happiness Atlas. In representative interviews, the researchers found that German seniors have become more active, healthier, and happier over the last 20 years. SHARE – Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe, a European research project, also confirms this positive trend. According to this, health behaviour, lifestyle and knowledge help make life more joyful and satisfactory in old age.


BodyTalk Access Training strengthens flexibility and an optimistic attitude to life. This also includes preventing the chance of anxiety or depression during the transition to retirement. In one day, participants learn five simple techniques of the BodyTalk  system. The exercises: stimulate the body's ability to self-regulate; restore inner balance; and, when used regularly, can lead to greater well-being in the long term. Individually or in combination, the techniques can be practised in a few minutes anytime and anywhere – alone or in pairs.

Take charge of your health!

Learn the regenerative power of BodyTalk together with others and have fun. Please check my upcoming events. You can also get together with a group of at least six people and arrange the training with me at your home or on Zoom.


Feel free to contact me for details.

Experiences from seniors

Hansje Serné, 90 years old, a former coordinator of the Sint Joannes de Deo Hospital in Haarlem, the Netherlands, explains how BodyTalk helped her after a fall.

‘"In March 2021, I fell and broke my hip. After an operation and six weeks of rehab, I fell again and broke my pubic bone. There is no therapy for this fracture. My neighbour, Christine, offered to apply the BodyTalk Access techniques on me regularly. This improved my mobility a lot and I was able to move with the rollator again relatively quickly. Later, I took the BodyTalk Access training and now I do the techniques regularly. I feel very relaxed every time."

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