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The photo shows a big dune at the beach of Zandvoort. In the background you see the ocean, on the dune some people are walking.

BodyTalk Balance

In addition to BodyTalk Access Trainings, I offer BodyTalk Balances.

These are individual sessions in which I stimulate the communication processes in the body to bring it back into balance and strengthen health and vitality.


A BodyTalk Balance lasts about 40 to 60 minutes. The fee is EUR 100.

I advise three BodyTalk Balance sessions at short intervals to start.

This rhythm will synchronise the communication of your body-mind system. You can also participate in a BodyTalk Access Training  where you learn five techniques. They will strengthen your health and

well-being. Please check my schedule  for upcoming courses.   


I conduct BodyTalk Balance in my studio  in beautiful Haarlem, near Amsterdam, or digitally on Zoom. Feel free to take advantage of a free initial consultation with me. This way you can find out whether BodyTalk is suited to you. Go to What is BodyTalk?  for more details about the BodyTalk System.


I look forward to your enquiry.

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