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This photo is a portrait of Christine Wagner. She is standing in front of the ocean, looking straight into the camera at sunset.

About me

I have been a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (CBP) since 2011. In January 2023 I successfully completed my further training as an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (AdvCBP). This means that I have expanded my knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and aspects of consciousness through additional qualifications in BodyTalk.

I am also a member of the International BodyTalk Association (IBA).

Before and during my training I worked as a cultural manager in the Netherlands and internationally for more than 25 years. I studied art history and theatre studies at the Universities of Cologne and Vienna and hold a Master’s degree.

As a BodyTalk Practitioner I mainly work in Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. I am expanding my offer to other countries according to demand.

The focus of my work is on BodyTalk Access Training , which I teach to people of different ages and professions, such as teachers, medical professionals, or employees in companies.

I also offer individual sessions, the BodyTalk Balance.

My personal path to BodyTalk

I had to undergo root canal treatment, but a dentist friend advised me to have a BodyTalk Balance  instead. As I had already travelled a lot and had worked as a cultural manager in diverse countries such as Guatemala, Indonesia and Syria, what to some may be foreign is not at all foreign to me. On the contrary: what some people may consider strange, can turn out to be a valuable enrichment. And that is why I found it easy to take the dentist's advice.


I made an appointment with a BodyTalk Practitioner. Just one day after the session, my toothache had disappeared completely. Later, when I underwent radiography, it turned out that surgery was no longer necessary. And I still have the tooth to this day.


My interest in the BodyTalk System was awakened and has continued ever since. Hence, it was a logical step to finally train as a Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, which I did alongside my job as a cultural manager.

Water, the central element of life

Ever since I was a child, I have had a love for the element of water . I am passionate about swimming, surfing and walks by the sea, alongside BodyTalk. That is one reason why water is a key design element in my website.


Another reason is that water plays a central role in BodyTalk. We need a balanced water supply for all our bodily processes. A well-hydrated body is therefore the basic prerequisite for BodyTalk ­– and thus for health and vitality.


Let yourself drift through my website at your leisure and get to know me.

I look forward to meeting you.

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