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This photo shows Christine Wagner while surfing the Atlantic Ocean.

Carried by the water

Swimming gets me out of my head and right into my body. When I swim in the North Sea, I have a connection with everything that is. With life, with the universe. That might sound a bit esoteric, and some people may not relate to it. But for me it is very important. Swimming is closely related to my work as a BodyTalk practitioner.

Many people have the feeling of being alone or not belonging. They experience a sense of separateness. This feeling often affects the synchronisation of different aspects of our body and our feelings.

As a therapist, I can find the parts of the body that are not communicating with each other the way they should. I use various techniques such as muscle testing, or a specific tapping technique, to help re-establish the missing links. This in turn sets processes in motion that facilitate the balance of the whole body.

Swimming immediately opens the sensation of being carried. The water carries us and we are weightless. Perhaps the connection is that we originally come from our mothers’ wombs and the amniotic fluid has a similar ratio of water and salt as seawater. Swimming brings back the memory of that primal feeling in the womb: that we are deeply connected with each and every thing in life.

The sea is a deep elemental power. It appears different every day.
A few years ago, I moved from Amsterdam to Bloemendaal, and it now takes me just 10 minutes to drive to the North Sea coast. In winter,

I quickly run in and out of the water. The cold. The salt. Feeling the blood circulating and flowing around my spine like a spiral:

To feel the vitality of the body, what a delight!

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