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The photo shows a group of people standing in a circle at a sunny afternoon in a park. Ther are practising one of the five BodyTalk techniques at a BodyTalk Access Training.BodyTalk

BodyTalk Access Training

There are five basic BodyTalk techniques that you can easily learn and use every day. I teach these techniques as part of the one-day BodyTalk Access Training. The training will not only help you strengthen your own resilience and vitality – you can also practice the techniques with your partner, children, parents or with your sports team.

The easy-to-practice techniques can also be integrated in professional contexts. I have already successfully taught the BodyTalk Access Training in the context of further training at schools , clinics and rehabilitation facilities  as well as with seniors. Companies  are also showing increasing interest in BodyTalk, not least because the method can be easily integrated into everyday work and strengthens the resilience and vitality of employees – qualities that are becoming increasingly important in the face of global crises.

Dates in your area

Upcoming BodyTalk Access Trainings are listed under upcoming events. There may be one close to you. I also offer the training online.

For groups of six or more people, you can also make an individual appointment with me at your place of residence or online. This on-site offer is currently valid for the Netherlands, Germany, and Luxembourg. Please feel free to contact me  if you live in another country - I will adapt my international offer according to demand.

I look forward to your enquiry.

Learn more about the BodyTalk Access Training and watch my video to see what the training involves.

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