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This photo shows the back of a woman who is explaing the theory behind BodyTalk to the group. It is a workshop situation of the BodyTAlk Access Training.

What my clients say

Signs of a new balance

"I attended the BodyTalk Access Training  with Christine out of curiosity. Afterwards I felt relaxed and in the evening I got very thirsty. We had used the hydration technique and this was a sign for me that my body really seemed to find a new balance. I work in elderly care. One lady has accepted my offer to use the technique on her. She enjoys it very much. I also 'tap' my boyfriend. It makes him feel more relaxed and clear headed."

Noa Nederstigt, 22, Social Work student

BodyTalk is now part of everyday school life

"In the beginning, our collective tapping caused much laughter among the pupils, but by now it has become part of our everyday school life. Some students even do the technique on their own if they feel stressed or tired. I myself do the Cortices in between to clear my head."

Anniek Lemmer, primary school teacher in Luxembourg and participant of BodyTalk Access Training

Calm atmosphere in the class

"I use BodyTalk in a class where there are many social and socio-emotional issues. To my amazement, every student joined in. After we practiced Cortices, the atmosphere immediately calmed down and became more pleasant, which the pupils also noticed. I repeated the technique the next day and on the third day some of the pupils even asked for the exercise. They told me that it helped them concentrate. Some even showed it to their parents. It made me happy.”

Mara Grehten, teacher in Luxembourg and participant of BodyTalk Access Training 

Off the mental rollercoaster

"I use BodyTalk with some of our psychiatric patients. The techniques have helped calm down their mental swings, and they can focus better. I have become more patient and can take decisions more easily. BodyTalk has really captivated me. I wish that many people in our clinic would learn the technique and use it."

K. de Kroon, manager of an ambulatory psychiatric care service in Luxembourg and participant of BodyTalk Access Training

My daughter slept through the night again

​“Since I have been getting BodyTalk Balances  and using the BodyTalk Access techniques regularly, I have come to feel very good. My knee pain has receded, and my digestion has never been better. This week, by the way, I also helped my daughter (7 years old) with BodyTalk. She couldn't sleep because of severe stomach pains and after I used the BodyTalk Access techniques on her, she slept through the night.”

Peter de R., 62, ballet dancer and choreographer

Help after two falls

"In March 2021, I fell and broke my hip. After an operation and six weeks of rehab, I fell again and broke my pubic bone. There is no therapy for this fracture. My neighbour, Christine, offered to apply the BodyTalk Access techniques on me regularly. This improved my mobility a lot and I was able to move with the rollator again relatively quickly. Later, I took part in the BodyTalk Access training and now I do the techniques regularly. I feel very relaxed every time."

Hansje Serné, 90 years old, a former manager of the hospital Sint Joannes de Deo in Haarlem

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