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The photo shows a group of people you are attending a conference. The picture mirrors a job situation.

BodyTalk Access Training for health prevention in companies

The Covid pandemic, Russia's war against Ukraine, the energy crisis – global events not only have a massive impact on social and economic systems, they also place an increasing burden on employees.

According to a study by AOK , the German health insurance company, mental stress was the second most common cause of sick leave in 2020. On average, employees were absent from work for 30 days – more than twice as many sick days as for other illnesses. The recommendation of the health experts was to strengthen the resilience and vitality of employees through prevention.

BodyTalk Access Training is one of the best ways to achieve this goal.

How BodyTalk Access Training works

  • It stimulates the body's ability to self-regulate and thus strengthen resilience and vitality,     

  • is easy to learn and can be practiced without any aids,  

  • can be done in a team or individually, 

  • is suitable for all ages and genders,

  • and can be practiced in a few minutes, anytime and anywhere.

Bring BodyTalk to your company!

Are you interested in offering BodyTalk to your employees as a preventive health measure? Then include the BodyTalk Access Training in your training catalogue. Within one day, or two half days if desired, participants learn five simple BodyTalk Techniques. The practical exercises are fun and promote team spirit within the group.


I look forward to your enquiry.

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