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What is the BodyTalk System?

The BodyTalk System is a holistic, non-invasive and safe form of energy medicine .

It supports the body in balancing its systems at all levels of body, mind, consciousness and sub-consciousness, promoting well-being and health.


BodyTalk has a positive effect on ...


  • stress, tension and burnout

  • depression, anxiety and emotional challenges

  • chronic sleep disorders and fatigue


  • chronic pain

  • headaches, migraines

  • hormonal disorders

  • digestion


  • movement and posture problems

  • backache

  • sports injuries


  • the immune system

  • viral and bacterial infections, intolerances and allergies

  • overall performance


The BodyTalk System was developed in the 1990s by by the chiropractor Dr. John Veltheim.

Born in Australia, he is also an acupuncturist, Reiki master and philosopher. Veltheim’s method combines elements of traditional Chinese and Western medicine as well as concepts of complementary medicine and scientific fields such as bioenergetic psychology and modern quantum physics. Veltheim led the College of Acupuncture and Natural Therapies in Brisbane for five years before moving to Florida in 1998.

The BodyTalk System is a dynamic method. Today, John Veltheim continues to develop his method and integrates current scientific findings and techniques.

The 2011 issue of the Journal of Alternative Medicine Research focused exclusively

on the BodyTalk System.


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