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Prevention: BodyTalk Access Training

There are six basic BodyTalk System techniques that you can learn and use every day — and apply to yourself as well as to others. These techniques are part of my BodyTalk Access Training. You have the option to participate in person on site at a selected location or virtually via Zoom. After the seminar you will receive a certificate and a study book in which all the techniques are clearly explained.


Anything you learn not only strengthens your own resilience and health, but you can practice these techniques on your partner, children, parents, students, in sports teams, or with your patients. The BodyTalk Access Training is specifically designed so that as many people as possible benefit from its positive effects.



The 6 techniques of the BodyTalk Access Training


... improve your brain activity

They stimulate memory, concentration and coordination. In addition, the

Cortex Technique for healthy sleep


... alleviate tension

As stress reduces, mental strength builds up. A common side effect of stress is the brain's tendency to switch gears and limit brain coordination. This manifests itself in a variety of ways such as confusion, inattentiveness, poor coordination or mood swings. The Switching Technique can help restore normal brain functions.


... hydrate the body   

The human body consists of approximately 80 percent water. All physiological processes in our cells, nerves and organs depend on a good water supply. But even if we drink a lot of water, our body cannot always use the fluid adequately. The transport of water through the cell membrane is often impaired. The Hydration Technique can restore the body's ability to make optimal use of the available water. And this in turn improves all major physiological processes.


... strengthen the immune system

Imbalances in the body can mean that the immune system is unable to effectively tackle viruses, harmful bacteria, or parasites. The Chemistry Technique can correct this imbalance — and enable the body to improve its health.


... promote mobility, posture and balance

Our body structure plays an important role in a healthy and mobile life. The Reciprocals Technique can often restore the unhampered functioning of the musculoskeletal system. This in turn can have a positive effect on your coordination skills, potential spinal problems and chronic pain issues


... help in emergencies situations

The BodyTalk Access routine also includes the so-called Fast Aid Protocol Technique. It quickly and safely supports communication across the body-mind system. And, it is easy to use. As a stand-alone technique it can help to address minor injuries. In emergencies, it can provide help until proper medical care is available



BodyTalk ACCESS Training

Would you like to learn more? Watch my video on BodyTalk Access Training or get in touch with me.

Healthcare for you and your family in less than 10 minutes a day!
Learn BodyTalk Access in just one day. Use for a lifetime.

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