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My Offer: BodyTalk Balance

Have you become curious and want to know how a BodyTalk Balance actually works? The following steps describe roughly how you can imagine a session with me:


1. From questions to answers

Before the first appointment, you will receive a few questions from me, which you will answer voluntarily. For example about your physical and mental condition, which therapies you may be following and wishes you have for a BodyTalk Balance. You bring this form with you to the appointment and we'll talk about it.


2. Activate communication in the body

After our conversation you lie down on the massage table dressed. With the help of a muscle test, your body will indicate at which point - or at which points - communication should be restarted and your system can be brought back into the correct balance. Everything that is important to you at that moment is discussed, for example certain emotions, personal relationships or events. Once the right aspects of the body have been found, we collectively focus our attention on the areas where communication needs to resume. How does this work? That explains quantum physics, which teaches that energy follows attention.


3. Anchoring with tapping

As we focus on the connections, I tap my hand on specific areas of the body, which we call the "three brains." First, I gently tap the head to address the communication in the brain. This approach comes from Hatha yoga. Then I tap the sternum so that the heart brain stores the newly created connections. And finally, I tap the stomach to address the abdominal brain and integrate the new connection(s) into the whole system. In this way communication is anchored in the body-mind system.


4. The inner clearing process begins

After about 30 to 45 minutes, various communication systems of the body are stimulated. Before returning to your daily life, rest for a while. Finally, we will talk about your current health status and any special experiences you have had during the balance. I will also show you the Cortex Technique, which you can easily integrate into your daily life.


5. How it goes further

In the beginning, I recommend three BodyTalk Balances at short intervals in a row. In this rhythm you can activate and synchronize the communication of your body-mind system. Later, you can increase the distance between the balances to support your long-term health and wellness.










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