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A BodyTalk System session lasts between 45 and 60 minutes. Please allow for a little more time for your very first BodyTalk Balance. Your initial telephone consultation is free of charge. This way you can find out whether the BodyTalk method suits you. Please feel free to send me an email or call me.

BodyTalk Balance
100.00 Euro


75.00 Euro


(up to 12 years)

60.00 Euro

These fees includes VAT/sales tax.

These costs may be tax deductible on the grounds of stress prevention or coaching.


You have the choice

Pick any of the three options for your BodyTalk balance.


You come to my practice in person.


We arrange a Zoom meeting or a telephone appointment via FaceTime. I will record the session and send you the file afterwards.


I perform a BodyTalk Balance for you while you are neither in the same room nor have online/telephone contact.

I will record this remote treatment session and send you the audio file afterwards.

It may surprise you that treatment can be done at a distance. How can that be? Well, the BodyTalk System’s starting point is the basics of quantum physics. Simply put, across the universe everything is energy. Every person has their own unique energy frequency, and as a certified BodyTalk practitioner I have learned to mentally tune in to this frequency and pick it up, whether I am in contact with you physically or virtually.


Reading tip: If you want to know more about remote treatmentl recommend reading this article.

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