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Stress reduction and health measures are now an integral part of many training programs run by companies and organizations. The BodyTalk System can be co-integrated into the daily work routine to support the resilience of employees in the long term. I have previously worked with organizations and companies in Germany, including:


  • The Paritätische Schaumburg, Bückeburg

  • The education and knowledge academy BiWak Lebenshilfe, Geldern

  • The Jugend- und Familiendienst, Rheine


Would you like to know more about the BodyTalk System and its effectiveness? Or are you interested in a BodyTalk Access Training? Then book me for an impulse lecture, a trial workshop or a training. You will also find an overview of my current data on this page.



Access Training

On the website of the International BodyTalk Association (IBA) you can find the current dates for my BodyTalk Access Training - both online and on location.

You can register via the IBA website or make the booking directly through me .


The Access Training can also be booked for two half days.


Afterwards you will receive a certificate and a course book.


Duration: 8 hours

Costs: 140 euros *

* For private participants; for companies or organizations in consultation

BodyTalk Access  evenings

The same applies to BodyTalk as to meditation, autogenic training or mindfulness: regular practice promotes positive effects on body and mind.


The practice evenings are ideal for those who have already completed the BodyTalk Access Training. They take place online via Zoom.


At the end of the meeting I give a Bodytalk Balance for the whole group.


Duration: 90 - 100 minutes *

Costs: 15 euros

* Depending on the number of participants

Online BodyTalk lectures

In addition to impulse lectures or information workshops at companies or organizations, I also offer online lectures via Zoom. If you are interested, you can register with me by e-mail .


I will then send you the Zoom invitation.




Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: free