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The Cortex Technique

Our cortex (Latin for bark of a tree) consists of the frontal, parietal, occipital and temporal lobes. Together they form the cerebral cortex. The balance of the brain areas — the Cortex Technique — is central to the BodyTalk System. It has the effect of improving communication within the brain and between the brain and body. It is like pressing the ‘reset button’ on the brain computer.


The Cortex Technique harmonises the entire body-mind complex. This means that stress is reduced and the body's self-regulation is addressed. The Cortex Technique often improves the ability to think, memory, concentration and other physiological functions. It thus increases our general well-being.


The Cortex Technique is part of the BodyTalk Access Training. During this one-day seminar, I teach six simple and effective techniques that you can use yourself and integrate into your everyday life. You can also easily practice these techniques with others such as your partner, children, parents, students, teammates, workmates, as well as patients and clients.




Click on the video and see how the Cortex Technique is practised.

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