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The Five Nature-Oriented Principles

In my practice for naturopathy I pursue a holistic approach. As a member of the Dutch Belangen Associatie Therapeut en Consument (BATC)

professional association, I work on the basis of and in accordance with the Five Nature-Oriented Principles defined by the organisation.

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1. Energy

The basis of life. Without energy there is no possibility of recovery.


Energy is the basis of life. It is known from science (quantum physics) that everything is interconnected through one all-pervading energy field. Energy has different frequencies. Our physical body consists of several lower frequencies and is visible. The energy body has higher frequencies and is invisible but tangible. The need to 'recharge' when there is fatigue is known. We know the feeling of tension when you enter a room where there has just been a disagreement. The energetic field of the body includes the meridians, the chakras, the nadis and the aura, but also, for example, mental processes such as thinking patterns and emotions.

The BodyTalk System ™ offers the possibility to balance all aspects of the energy body where necessary. We are constantly connected with and under the influence of the environment through our energy field. Depending on the environment, we can recharge (take a walk on the beach) or become tired (computers, artificial light, insufficient outside air). Blockages in the connective tissue can undermine the flow of the meridians; think of scars (operations, accidents, etc.). With the Fascia balance of the BodyTalk System we can make some space here.

A strong and flowing energy body is important for all body processes.

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2. Stimulus transfer

The recovery of internal physical and mental communication systems.

Many functions stagnate without guidance.


Our nervous system is a network of pathways for signals to flow from the brain to all parts of the body and back. If this transmission of signals (stimuli) does not function properly, it has an effect on the transmission of information within our physical systems. Communication through the nervous system is essential for the proper functioning of our body. Our nervous system is the first line in which environmental stimuli in the body are processed. This system is the most sensitive to overload, with all its consequences.

The BodyTalk System ™ also offers opportunities for improvement at this level. Consider the communication between the two hemispheres of the brain. The cooperation between the hemispheres of the brain, with rational thinking on the left and intuitive processes on the right, is of enormous importance in learning processes and information processing. The exchange of the head, heart and abdominal brain is increasingly recognized as a hugely important communication network for the whole body.


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3. Drainage

Reduction of toxic stress in both mental and physical form.


The body's self-synchronizing ability benefits greatly from a well-functioning drainage system. Our body and mind are daily burdened with toxic substances in mental or physical form. It takes a lot of energy for the body to remove these toxins. If the toxins cannot be eliminated, they have an effect on the body's communication network, which can slow down the regenerative process. It is therefore important to regularly cleanse ourselves of mental and material ballast.

In the BodyTalk System ™ , the cleansing and flow of the lymph system can be supported by means of a special BodyTalk lymph drainage system. In addition, all cells in the body need water to carry out cell functions. It is important to drink enough water, but drinking does not necessarily mean that the cells can use the water. With the BodyTalk System it is possible to improve the absorption of water (incl. Nutrients) and the removal of waste products from the cell.


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4. Nutrition

Good nutrition is essential to achieve a balance between performance and well-being.


Food is the building material for the body. Some foods are not well tolerated by everyone and this can be an aspect in the development of physical complaints. By examining the diet and possibly making changes by omitting and / or adding nutrients, positive results can be achieved that are noticeable throughout the body.

The BodyTalk System ™ can help to alleviate causes that prevent food from being tolerated or not tolerated completely. The important role of the micro-organism in the digestion and absorption of nutrients is also being addressed. Furthermore, in the field of epigenetics, a world of possibilities has emerged with the BodyTalk System.


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5. Psyche

Due to ignorance, people are hardly able to change pathogenic processes on their own. The therapist can make the client aware of the real cause of the illness.


A process precedes the occurrence of a physical complaint: a behavioral pattern has (often unconsciously) led to imbalance. The behavioral pattern consists of four components: spirituality, mental beliefs, emotions and physical experiences. When the behavioral pattern is no longer functional, there will be a natural need to let it go, as this is at the expense of the energy for growth and recovery.


The BodyTalk System ™ offers the possibility to illuminate and transform patterns and provides support during release. Our body is like a hard disk on the computer: all our life experience is stored in the cells and tissues. The learned or transferred patterns determine our life. The advantage is that we don't have to learn everything over and over again. The downside is that we've stored undermining programs along the way that continue to shape our actions and reactions, until we contradict them. The balance obtained will enhance the feeling of well-being. This offers room for more conscious choices.